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Eileen Larkin                              President / Scholarship Committee Chair                         ealarkin@gov.pe.ca

Valerie Abd-El-Aziz                    Vice President                                                                         vabdelaziz@upei.ca

Mary McSwain                           Treasurer                                                                                 dmmacswain@gmail.com 

Lindsey Wallace                         Secretary                                                                                 lawallace7484@gmail.com

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P. E. I. Gerontological Nurses Association (PEIGNA) 
Educational Award 

 The PEIGNA is pleased to be the sponsor of a number of Educational Awards  available to members of PEIGNA to assist nurses to pursue studies and/or further education in gerontological nursing. These monetary awards are expected to assist with the cost associated with a member’s CNA Certification and CNA Re-certification, course work, research, or attendance at a workshop or conference in which the focus is gerontology. From year to year, Educational Awards may vary in numbers and amounts awarded - with the maximum being $500.00 per person. Total amount of awards will not exceed 20% of the bank balance of PEIGNA.


Preference will be given to applicants who:

  • Are practicing in gerontological nursing and have shown an interest in pursuing a career in this field

  • Have not previously received an educational award from PEIGNA

  • Have been a member of PEIGNA for at least the past 2 years


Criteria for Eligibility:

  • Applicants must be registered at ARNPEI to practice nursing in P.E.I.

  • Applicants must be members of PEIGNA 


Application Procedure:

  • Completed Educational Award  application form

  • Evidence of acceptance and/or outline of description of proposed program; i.e.   application for certification/re-certification; copy of conference/seminar brochure

  • Applications must be received prior to March 31st

  • Awards will be announced at the annual meeting each year

Applications will be reviewed by the PEIGNA Educational Awards Committee and successful applicants will be notified in writing.