2021 Excellence in Gerontological Nursing Award

Prince Edward Island Nursing Association (PEIGNA) Excellence in Gerontological Nursing Award is a conjunct provincial Gerontological Nursing Association of the Canadian Gerontological Nursing Association (CGNA), whose vision and mission are to address the health of older Canadians and the nurses who participate with them in health care, as well as to promote gerontological nursing standards and practices across the country.


Award Eligibility and Criteria Nominees must be nurses ( NP, RN, LPN) who work in an environment that contributes to the health of older adults in some capacity ( frontline, management, leadership, education ) and whose consistent performance demonstrates collaboration with older adults to promote wellbeing, to optimize functional abilities, and to act as advocates for older adults.


This award is designed to honor a nurse who has demonstrated exceptional commitment to the gerontological nursing speciality and in doing so promotes and advocates for current and revised standards that reflect the needs of older adults. The


PEIGNA Excellence in Gerontological Nursing Award will be presented annually at the spring education day to a deserving nominee. Nominees will be evaluated based on actions undertaken by nominees in accordance with the key areas of the current CGNA Gerontological Nursing Competencies and Standards of Practice document that may be found at www.cgna.net.


In reviewing the submitted nominations, the selection panel (PEIGNA Executive Committee) will consider the degree to which the individual’s actions reflect one or more of the key areas outlined in the Gerontological Nursing Competencies and Standards of Practice.


Nominations must be submitted to Eileen Larkin, PEIGNA Past-President (peigna.org@gmail.com) two weeks before the AGM.

 PEIGNA Board Members

  NAME                                                                            POSITION                                                                       EMAIL

Eileen Larkin                              Past-President                                                                                   ealarkin@ihis.org

Valerie Abd-El-Aziz                    President/Scholarship Committee Chair                                      vabdelaziz@upei.ca

Keara Bryanton                         Vice-President/ Education Committee Co-Chair                          kearabyranton@ihis.org

Sheila Rix                                    Treasurer/ Education Committee Co-Chair                                  tres.peigna@gmail.com

Lindsey Wallace                         Secretary                                                                                            lawallace7484@gmail.com